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VoiceAmerica! Authentic Dating- 02/27/2008


“Memoirs recounting relationship woes might be a dime a dozen, but Merrill bravely lays bare her oft unfortunate dating past in this daring, forthright venture. Battling anorexia, bulimia, and alcoholism in her teens and early twenties, Merrill manages to overcome both eating disorders and alcohol addiction only to find herself moving from one bad relationship to another. A ‘serial mater,’ Merrill picks men who are emotionally unavailable, selfish, and—as is the case with one louse who swindles her out of thousands of dollars—manipulative. Though she explores, at one point or another, almost every addiction-recovery group out there, she can’t seem to kick her proclivity for bad men. Merrill waits until late in the book to reveal the tragedy that affected so much of her adult life, but when she does, it gives a clarity to the vibrant portrait of her life she’s painted throughout. Women, whether they can relate to some or all of the “manholes” Merrill has fallen into, will especially be drawn to this sharp memoir.”

Library Journal

“Readers will learn and laugh as author Merrill, who runs a marketing communication company in California, reveals her constant struggles with life, love, and addiction in this absolutely hilarious memoir, also a realistic look at the author’s emotional pain through the good times and bad. Merrill seems to have a knack for getting involved with all the wrong men: she repeatedly gets into the same types of messy, complicated, dysfunctional relationships. But through it all, she survives, maintaining her sense of wit to boot. Her book illustrates that life is truly a journey with many highs and lows, and it will appeal to all those who have fallen down and gotten back up again in their struggle to find themselves.  Merrill has previously had two autobiographical essays published, in the anthologies Single Woman of a Certain Age and Single State of the Union. A great, quick read enjoyable from beginning to end; highly recommended for public libraries.”