"Wendy M. is a wonderful new voice—smart, funny and wildly real."

Anne Lamott 
Bestselling author of Operating Instructions, Bird by Bird,
Grace (Eventually): More Thoughts on Faith

“I loved Falling Into Manholes. I adored it. How could I not? I identified totally. I laughed, I cried, I thought, ‘Oh, Christ, I did that.’ It was like being at the best meeting in the world, with the funniest, most honest sharer. I wish Wendy Merrill every success and happiness and joy!”

Marian Keyes
Author of Anybody Out There? and
The Other Side of the Story

“She tells you she’s a ‘divorced, sober alcoholic over forty with abandonment issues.’ I’m telling you Wendy Merrill is one of the funniest, wisest writers ever to take on the subjects of love, loss and hope. If all our lives are journeys, then this is one book you absolutely need to take along for the ride.”

Linda Ellerbee
Producer, broadcaster, bestselling author

“Wickedly funny and shockingly honest, Falling Into Manholes starts as a heart-breaking journey of discovery and emerges as a beautiful, inspiring love story.”

Cameron Tuttle
Author of The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want

"Funny, frank, honest, unseemly, endearing and challenging all at the same time, Wendy Merrill is everything a man could want in a girlfriend and Falling into Manholes is everything girlfriends could want from each other; a manifesto for the modern woman."

Hollis Gillespie
Author of Bleachy-Haired Honky Bitch; Tales from a Bad Neighborhood

“In Falling Into Manholes, Wendy Merrill has crafted a starkly honest and haunting memoir. Emotions are laid bare in this brave book, but where other authors might have drifted into sentimentality, Merrill tempers it all with a biting wit that at times had me laughing out loud. Intelligent, provocative, graphic, and heart-rending, this book is a refuge for anyone who’s ever been a Lost Girl (and for anyone who’s ever been involved with one).”

Martha O’Connor
Author of The Bitch Posse

“Wendy Merrill has ‘been there, done that’ and she knows how to write about it – with engaging wit and refreshing originality. Prepare to be charmed by this revealing, engaging, and honest new voice.”

Kathi Kamen Goldmark
Author of, And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You

"Well written, smart, sassy, and hysterically funny, Falling into Manholes takes you on a journey that every woman will relate to. This comic fable that's all-too-true is a fun, harrowing, exciting, sexy ride, and Wendy Merrill is someone that you will want to know. Honest, encouraging, and hopeful—I love this book!"

Jan Wahl
Entertainment Report/Critic, KRON-TV/KCBS Radio,
San Francisco, CA

“Wendy Merrill is a west coast Carrie Bradshaw whose version of Sex in the City includes our heroine’s often hilarious struggles with commitment, bulimia, addiction, and men, men, men. Manholes is an E (for estrogen) ticket ride. Let go of the rollbar and enjoy that feeling in the pit of your stomach – odds are that you recognize it!”

Kim Addonizio
Author of Little Beauties and My Dreams Out in the Street

“You’ll say, ‘Oh no, Wendy! Don’t! Stop! Not again!’ more times than you care to, but the fact is you’ll find yourself caring, as Merrill slowly gains insight after insight that eventually become powerful enough to weave a net to cover the manholes she’s spent her life falling down.  She is tenacious, observant, funny and self-deprecating – a true inspiration.”

Jennifer Lehr
Author of Ill-Equipped for a Life of Sex and
Ill-Equipped to be a Mom

Reading Falling into Manholes was a gift!  Wendy Merrill "keeps it real" in this heartfelt, often witty, at times painful, always impressive debut.

April Sinclair
Author of Coffee Will Make You Black

“Wendy Merrill infuses her pages with both poignancy and hilarity – a tough balancing act to pull off! Searingly honest about her pain yet refreshingly undaunted by it, Wendy is at once Sisyphus, rolling the boulder of addiction recovery up the mountain, and Everywoman, just looking for love like the rest of us. Rock on, Ms. Merrill!”

Jane Ganahl
Author of Naked on the Page

"Courageous and groundbreaking, this book is like talking to your wittiest, crazy-enough-to-be-interesting best friend. You'll want to shake her, holler at her, wave a wand over her, pray for her, and champion her heart-wrenching growth, but most of all, as you are laughing through your tears, you will end up loving her.  Take this book to coffee with you and you'll have the friend date of the year!"

Diane Conway
Author of What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?
Living Your Dreams While Quakin' in Your Boots